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The force exerted between hard rollers cannot be measured by the width of a PIN. The force must therefore be measured with DigiForce.

DigiForce measures force and pressure

  • The DigiForce is a device for measuring force or pressure between 2 surfaces

  • Measurement units can be set by the user

  • Calibration allows adaptation to all sensors, providing excellent accuracy and repeatability

  • Time-saving: immediate, repeatable measurement

  • Measurement accuracy : all the sensors are calibrated in our labs

DigiForce 2.jpg

Technical specifications DigiForce

Pressure measurement

  • Units: Newton/cm2, PSI, Bar, Pascal, Atmosphere
    (user-configurable units)
    ex: 10 N/cm2 = 1 Bar or 100 K Pascal, 14.503773773 PSI

  • Minimum measurable: 10 Millibar

  • Maximum measurable: 10 Bars

  • Tolerance: +/- 5%

  • Repeatability: +/- 5%

  • Tabs: 32cm long and 5cm wide

  • Minimum touch: 2mm 

  • Maximum touch : 55mm

  • The number of possible measurements is 1000 (depending on the deformations undergone by the sensor)

  • Operating temperature: 0° to 60° (to be confirmed)

  • Maximum relative humidity: 70%

  • Shock resistance: IK01

  • Protection rating: IP40

  • Retail price: €4200 (excl. VAT) 
    -- Including 2 sensors and 2 tabs 


Using DigiForce is easy

  • User-friendly interface, configurable unit, memories, sharing, simple, high-performance calibration

  • Calibration for highly accurate, repeatable, realistic measurements

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  • Easily transfer data to your smartphone or tablet, and save Force values in a measurement history database

  • TabletMeasure DigiForce app will be available on Play Store and Apple Store

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