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Experience, Innovation and Efficiency

We are Manufacturer and Transformer of products such as:

  • Nonwoven for Automatic Blanket Washers (KIMSUN KRIER)

  • Paper & Polyester Under-Plate or Under-Blanket Shackles (Paper & Polyester UNDERPACKS)

  • DigiNip, and other measuring devices

  • Cartridges & Digital Ink Thinkolors​

We also distribute specific products for Graphic Arts:​​

  • CPC Polyester Inkwell Sheets for Heidelberg & CI Blades for KBA, Komori...​

  • Coatings of Transfers (Super Blue, MAT, Glass Jacket & Micro-Grained Sheet)

  • Back Pressure Plates, Scrubbers & Squeegees with Bins INKSINK​

  • Wetting Sleeves, Filters & Wiping Cords​

  • Perforating Nets & Creasing Counterparts​

  • Accessories & Spare Parts​

  • Measuring devices​




Our advisers will save you time and bring you efficiency and innovation in your area of expertise.

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Advising you is our job

  • ​A technical and commercial presence on the phone provided by an exclusive contact who will best identify your needs.

  • Exclusive French manufacturing of certain consumables and measuring devices.

  • A search for new, more efficient products with the aim of increasing your productivity at the best cost.

  • A selection of direct manufacturers allows us to offer you a wide range of products.

  • A range of products imported directly or exclusively to ensure you a technological lead.

  • A sales network in France and around the world.

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