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CPC Polyester Ink Pads

All the polyester blades for your CPC Heidelberg inkwells

190, 250 or 350 microns.

Complete adhesive kits to equip your groups or adhesive individually.

The ink fountain is a part of the CPC system and was developed for use on all HEIDELBERG CPC presses.
It is installed on the ink guide plate thus preventing the ink from coming into contact with the cam.
It is generally replaced once a week, it is a safe and reliable product available in 190, 250 and 350 microns depending on the abrasiveness of the ink.

The adhesives are used to complete the sealing under the CPC polyester slats, they are changed less often.

  • the adhesive strip is a polyester tape that goes between the ink fountain sheet and the cam to ensure that the ink delivery system does not get dirty

  • ​ insulation tape is a double-sided adhesive that holds the inkwell sheet to the ink pipe​

  • tessamol tape is a cellular foam affixed along the bottom crease of inkwell sheets to prevent excess ink from leaking into the press

  • inkwell cheeks and plastic wipers sit together at the edges of the pipe to seal the whole thing


​ Also available with ALUMINUM reinforcement for abrasive and opaque white inks.

Currently available on HEIDELBERG SM74 and SP102 presses, do not hesitate to contact us.

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