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Net Offset Perforators

1, 2, 3 operations in a single pass! Punch, crease and cut while printing.​

Perforating nets, cutters, creasers for paper or cardboard centrally or laterally.

Perforate, crease and cut while printing with our perforating nets


With perforating, cutting and creasing nets, you carry out in a single pass, without slowing down your offset press, shaping and printing.

In a single operation, you reduce your working time and control your productivity for better profitability.

Available in 3, 4, 8, 12, 16, 30, 40, 50 teeth per inch, creaser and cutter.

filets perfo.jpg

Setting up the Nets:​

  • Directly on the cylinder

  • Or on a polyester film (gluing as a mark on the printed sheet)

  • Or automatically by positioning the mesh side directly on the printed sheet (the uncovered adhesive base will stick directly to the cylinder when this sheet is under pressure)


Ingenious and Economical Packaging:​

The packaging of the offset perforating nets has been designed with the printer in mind: the reel system with "stopper" allows you to unwind only the desired quantity, thus avoiding waste.

Other brands available. Contact us for more information.

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