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UV lamps

For fast and efficient drying of your prints 

UV curing lamps are designed and manufactured as direct replacement lamps to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.


The extensive range of lamps allows us to meet virtually all of your UV curing requirements.

Delivering outstanding performance, the lamps offer exceptionally good life and consistent UV output. UV curing lamps are used worldwide for the curing of inks and coatings in the printing, packaging and labeling industries as well as in various industrial environments such as CD/DVD manufacturing, production of fiber optics...

All UV curing lights are made from high transparency vitreous silica, commonly referred to as quartz. Quartz has the property of high transparency to ultraviolet light, especially at the short wave end of the spectrum where over 90% of the UV energy generated is transmitted through the quartz.
The electrode components are manufactured using the highest quality materials, ensuring a long and reliable lamp life (1500 hours).

The quality standard ensures that each lamp is not only manufactured to specifications
the strictest, but that the performance of the lamp is constant until its end of life.

Heidelberg XL105- Manufacturer part reference:


Heidelberg SM102- Manufacturer part reference:

F7.170.0771 - 91.1701411 - SM102-FMW-B - 91.170.1311 - C7.170.0301

Heidelberg SM74 CD- Manufacturer part reference:


Heidelberg SM74- Manufacturer part reference:

M6.170.0024 - SM74-FMW-B

Heidelberg SM72- Manufacturer part reference:

83.170.1411 - 83.170.1311

Heidelberg SM52- Manufacturer part reference:


Heidelberg MO65- Manufacturer part reference:


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