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UnderPacKS Trim Shackles

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Image de Hamed Daram
Shackle UNDERPACKS to dress your cylinders

KRIER SAS is the "Manufacturer" and Transformer of UNDERPACKS shackles.​

High quality calibrated and surfaced Paper & Polyester Shackle, compliant with Graphic Arts standards, to dress your blanket and plate cylinders.​

Our shackles are manufactured with a special calibration system that eliminates all surface irregularities and makes them uniform in density, rigidity and thickness. All our shackles have a surface coating and are treated in the mass to prevent the penetration of humidity and thus avoid swelling.​


​Made from high quality paper or polyester and with a thickness tolerance of +/- 2% for paper and +/- 10 microns for polyester, our shackles are the ideal solution for dress your cylinders.

Universal color coding on paper shackles to avoid confusion.

Paper UNDERPACKS​ available in all your formats, thicknesses and up to 1800mm width 

  • 100 microns Beige - 150 microns Brown

  • 200 microns Green - 250 microns Orange

  • 300 microns Yellow - 400 microns Blue

  • 500 microns​ Gray

  • Package of 50 or 100 sheets

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Image de Elena Joland

Why choose KRIER Paper Manila "paper UNDERPACKS"?

  • All thicknesses are available from stock in rolls of 1800mm width.

  • Cutting & packaging times of only 24/48h even on large volumes.

  • An exclusive paper production for KRIER SAS and of 100% French origin.

  • All standard and non-standard formats are cut directly in our workshops using our automated cutting machine.

  • Careful packaging in flat or upright cardboard of 50 or 100 sheets depending on the format and thickness.

  • Impeccable quality from manufacturing to delivery to your workshops.

All sizes and thicknesses are available from stock, we cut each size using our cutting machine within 24/48 hours.

Give us the size and thickness, we cut, pack and ship.

​available in all your formats, thicknesses and up to 1680mm width

  • 40, 50, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160, 175, 180, 200, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550 & 600 microns_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-206713bd6

  • Adhesive or Non-Adhesive

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Map of Lyon UNDERPACKS to dress your cylinders

In direct contact with the manufacturing plant, KRIER SAS is once again offering you the Lyon UNDERPACKS Card in its packaging range.

The Map of Lyon has a high quality satin and marbled surface and has remarkable hardness for all your most demanding applications.​

In printing, the Map of Lyon is the traditional dressing, on the maculatures, of the lithographic press. Its main quality is, in addition to its resistance, its "slippery" which allows it to pass well under the rake of the press.

Map of Lyon UNDERPACKS​ non-adhesive available in standard and non-standard sizes 

Consult us for your thickness and format requests

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