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DigiNip 2

Take control of your measurements

Electronic nip measurement becomes communicative and user-friendly

Connected electronic measurement

With DIGINIP 2, a connected electronic measuring device, the adjustment of the span width between the rollers becomes user-friendly and communicative and remains perfectly controlled. You thus obtain in a continuous way a better quality of impression and a real gain of productivity.

TabletMeasure App

Transfer your data to your Smartphone or Tablet with ease and save the key values in a database constituting the measurement history. TabletMeasure app downloadable for free from Play Store and Apple Store.

DigiNip 2 retains the strengths of DigiNip 1st generation

  • Significant time savings:immediate measurement of the bite between the rollers.

  • Productivity gain :significant reduction in paper waste.

  • Precision :mastery of the correct adjustment and precise measurement of the width of the fingerboard between the rollers in mm.

  • Use on all machines:designed for all Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Manroland, etc. machines and rolls.


The device gives an accurate measurement to tenths of a millimeter or thousandths of an inch.

The control is carried out simultaneously on two channels and immediately indicates the measurement of the parallelism of the rollers and the key.

The largest offset and web press manufacturers already use DigiNip.


The complete case DigiNip 2​

DigiNip 2.png
  • DigiNip 2, 1 year warranty​

  • 2 TabletMeasure modules

  • 2 NIP-SENS23 tabs

  • the suitcase

KRIER SAS International Patent

No. WO 2006 / 106239 A1


Guide d'utilisation du DigiNip 2​

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