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Bioguard Stationery
Health security and anti-counterfeiting

Health security and anti-counterfeiting◊◊

Bioguard™ is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology that has proven itself in one of the most secure sectors in the world, the production of banknotes, for more than fifteen years.

Bioguard technology is already applied to more than ten billion banknotes in circulation worldwide. This solution is now developed by Bioguard & Co, a subsidiary of the Oberthur Fiduciaire group, a historical player in fiduciary printing since 1842.

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5 Reams of Double Protection Bioguarded Paper with Security Watermark


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5 Reams of Bioguardized Triple Protection paper with security watermark



The Bioguard™ solution can be used to treat all types of paper in order to give it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

The Bioguard™ label is affixed as a watermark on each sheet to ensure protection against counterfeiting and to certify that health safety is well integrated.


Bioguard™ treated paper retains its initial physical and mechanical properties and remains recyclable.


In addition, Bioguard™ complies with the ISO 10993-1 part.10 standard which confirms that this technology does not represent any risk of irritation and skin sensitization for users and complies with European regulation BPR 528/2012.

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