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Lignes répétitives


Hundreds of washing squeegee references.

Akiyama, Hamada, Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Manroland, Ryobi, Shinohara...

We have a full range of over 500 references for letterpress, sheetfed and web offset presses.
Several materials available: rubber, steel and rubber, fiberglass, plastic and Teflon.

Very neat finish to manufacturers' standards and treatment against the aggression of UV inks.
Rubber molded hot directly on the steel.

Available on machines:


HAS- ABDick, Adast, Akira, Akiyama, Aurelia, ATF-Davidson​

B- Baker Perkins​

VS- Canvit, Codimag, Crabtree​

D- ATF-Davidson, DaiNippon, Didde, Drent​

E- Edelmann​

F- FAG, Form Consulta, Fuji Shinohara​

G- Gallus, Gestetner, Giebler, Goebel, Goss​

H- Hamada, Hamilton, Harris, Hashimoto, Heidelberg, Horauf​
I- Iwasaki​

Your tailor-made washing squeegee for your press?

We make it for you. Consult us for more information.

K- KBA, Ko-Pak, Korrex, Komori​

M- Mailander, Manroland, Miller, Miltepa, Mitsubishi, Miyakoshi,
Muller Martini, MultiLith​

NOT- Nebiolo, Nilpeter​

P- Planeta​

R- Rotaprint, Rotatek, Ryobi​

S- Sakurai, Schriber, Seailles & Tison, Shinohara, Solna, Steinemann, Stevens​

T- Target, Timsons, Toko

W- Winkler & Dunnebier

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