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Squeegees with INKSINK trays

INKSINK is an economical system developed especially for Printers.


Designed to eliminate manual washing of washer tubs. Keep your press environment clean.

INKSINK™ is an economical system developed especially for Printers.
It was designed to eliminate the manual washing of washer tubs.


By using INKSINK™ you will save extra time to ride.

It also saves rags and solvents used to wash your bins...

and enhanced health and safety for the operator.

INKSINK™, can you really do without it?

With over 60,000 installations worldwide, more and more printers are saving money by installing this system. Its use avoids the use of solvents and other disposable gloves often used during the tank cleaning phase.

​ This reduces environmental impact and protects the operator from exposure to hazardous products.


Keeping the press and its environment clean saves time and increases efficiency for the printer.

The InkSink system is broken down into 3 parts:

INSIK 1.jpg
INSKI 2.jpg
INSKI 3.jpg

INKSINK™ - Washing Squeegee

The end of the squeegee is made of EPDM rubber.

It is a trident type squeegee specially manufactured and patented for this washing system. A specific groove along the entire length ensures a reliable and waterproof grip of the disposable tray.

INKSINK™ - Aluminum Tray

An aluminum support is required to best stabilize the disposable tray.
It can be easily moved and removed.

The support has been specially designed to adapt to the shapes and capacities of the original manufacturers' bins.

INKSINK™ - Disposable Bin (Liner)

Bins are usable and available for each press.

They are covered on both sides with 5 laminated layers.

These trays are disposable and are available in packs of 25.

INSKI 4.jpg

Available on machines:



GTO46 - GTO52

SM52 - SM52 AniColour - SM74 - SM102

SM74 CD - SM102 CD

XL75 - XL105


Lithrone 26 - Lithrone 28 - Lithrone 40


Diamond 1000 - Diamond 3000


Ryobi 520

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