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Today, there are several types of dampening sleeves for sheetfed and web offset dampening systems.
From velvet to loop, with or without lacing, in rolls or individual sachets ready to use.
All retractable, for better hold on your rolls, on sheet offset and rotary presses.


For each need, Krier responds to your request.


New Mol - (Dampening Cover)

NEW MOL wetting sleeves have been the most sold throughout the world for over 40 years now!

They can be used for a long time without losing their water absorption characteristics.

Made of special synthetic fibers, they maintain the exact amount of water to be delivered to the printing plates.


Individual bag ready to use with tightening string for Ryobi offset presses or in rolls of different diameter and length.

Available on Ryobi: 480N-480K-500N-500K-510-520-522-530-560-640K-3200 MCD._D04A07D8-9CD1-3239-9149-20813D673B__D04A07D8-9CD1-3239-9149-2081 -20813d6c673b_​

Hyton - Tubes of Moisturizers

Elastic sleeves that allow a simple, quick and easy change of the roll.

They always fit properly!

The resilient fibers of HYTON tubing do not sag over time.

This means that only one single roller pressure adjustment is required.

Disponible en différents diamètres.​​​​

Red N-Cover - Terrycloth

The red/white terry Red N-Cover is retractable in cold water and has good ink resistance.

No more sewing after mounting on the roll.

It is lint-free and longer lasting.

Disponible en différents diamètres par rouleau de 25m.​​​​

Elastic - Fine Elastic Sock

Elastic fabric that allows a better assembly of the sock on the roller.

This prevents twisting and wrinkling when switching on.

Good water absorption and distribution, ideal for sheetfed offset machines.

Disponible en différents diamètres par rouleau de 60m.​​​​

KnitWear - Fine Elastic Sock

Elastic sock that allows a better fit on the rollers and prevents creasing and twisting.

Good water absorption, suitable for rotary presses.

Available in different diameters per roll of 30m.

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