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IC blades
Protection of Inkwells

Patented polyester inkwell blade, designed by a printer, for Printers.

The blades are removable and can be changed very easily, they make it possible to avoid successive washing of the inking units.

A change of color (PANTONE) or the washing of the inkwell at the end of the week is done in a few minutes, instead of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the width.

The consumption of solvents and rags will be greatly reduced and you will save time for driving.

Komori :L26 - L28 (2000s) - L28NY (3000s) - L29 - SPICA 29 - ENTHRONE 29 - L40 - L40 S - L40 S SP01 - L40 S SP02 - Chambon OR 650​

KBA :R74 - R105 - R105 U - R106 - R142 - R162 - Notasys

Manroland:R300 - R500 - R700 - R900 - R900 U

Mitsubishi:D3000 - D 3F 1500 series


Polytype:P820 - P257

Ryobi:R520 - R692 - R750 - R920

Shinohara:S52 - S56 - S66 - S74/75 - S79 - S92 - S109

We can custom manufacture your blade

  Consult us for more information.

1.Tap the Blade against the outside edge of the ink well
2.Peel off the adhesive backing on one side
3.Apply the Blade to one side (cheek) of the inkwell

4.Press the adhesive along the bottom of the inkwell, while removing the protector

5.Apply the other side (cheek) of the Lame in the inkwell

Lames C.I.png
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