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Linings for Transfer, Turning and Exit Cylinders

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Super Blue 1 and 2, anti-dirt textile covering for transfer and exit cylinders

High-tech anti-static and anti-smudge system to protect the wet side of the printed sheet.
Prevents ink buildup on transfer and exit cylinders, eradicating common marking problems. Soft metal threads woven into the net at regular intervals are conductive, helping to reduce static electricity buildup between print units. These wires also serve as a guide for easy and quick installation. The stretchy chemically treated anti-smudge fabric with a soft surface.

Available in generic sizes for all presses:

Heidelberg, Komori, Manroland, KBA, Mitsubishi, Sakurai

MAT, dirt-repellent paper/polyester coating for transfer and output cylinders

The exclusive range of MAT dresses your transfer and exit cylinders for even more efficient work, less ink deposits and more savings. Available in several presentations, it meets the majority of transfer and exit cylinder casing needs. Imported by Krier-sa for more than 20 years, the product has now become a solution often preferred by printers.


Transfer Shackle

Ever faster speeds on presses always require more efficient transfer and exit cylinder liners. From one printing unit to another, the ink no longer has time to dry on the paper, this is where the MAT plays its anti-smudge role. It guarantees excellent print quality and reduces paper waste during makeready. It does not damage the printed sheets thanks to an even surface. Usable longer, the MAT provides both the quality and productivity that printers expect.


General characteristics of the process 

Glass beads (glass marbles) of uniform diameter repel ink and eliminate smearing and marks on printed paper by significantly reducing ink contact areas. The freshly damp printed sheet is evenly supported at every point across its width. Wet ink is pushed away from the apex of each glass bead for optimum transfer from group to group.
The glass beads are fused with a binder on a non-deformable polyester base. 1/3 of the surface of these glass beads appears above the binder. This, combined with a regular gap between the beads, greatly reduces the grip of the ink and allows easier cleaning without damaging the glass beads.

  • Highest print quality

  • Reduce paper waste

  • Reduced downtime

  • Long operational life

  • Easy to clean

  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals and varnishes

  • Exceptional dimensional stability: 
    no stretching or wrinkling

  • Reduces static electricity on the cylinders allowing smooth transfer with less friction

  • Easy to install, either using the adhesive version or with double-sided tape and/or repositionable spray glue

  • Comes in different glass bead sizes to meet various printing needs

  • More economical than textile transfer coverings

The MAT is mounted on the "base blanket" / Transfer Kit of the transfer and exit cylinders of offset presses equipped with SUPER BLUE® (instead of the anti-smudge fabric), and directly on the cylinders of other presses, and also on certain press rolls.

MATT Polyester WHITE:The MAT advantageously replaces traditional textile coverings or microblasted papers. The MAT lasts longer because it is washable and dimensionally stable. It thus becomes the most profitable anti-fouling system on the market. Small or large balls. Adhesive or Non-adhesive.


MATTE BLUE Polyester:Reduce ink accumulation: designed with precise and controlled tolerances, the glass beads do not absorb ink or solvents in contact with their surface. The blue MAT is more flexible than its white counterpart. Small or large balls. Adhesive or Non-adhesive.

MATT Polyester ORANGE:This MAT is improved by the addition of an orange colored silicone coating. This coating improves the smudge-proof characteristics of the glass marbles by reducing the amount of ink that settles on the surface, which further reduces marking! Small or large balls. Adhesive or Non-adhesive.


MATT BROWN Paper:MAT Papier is directly fitted as original equipment to the transfer and exit cylinders of Japanese presses. Economical version of MAT Polyester, does not wash. Small or large balls. Non-adhesive.

MAT ​available in standard or custom sizes 

  • GTO 52; Lithium 20; Fuji 52; Ryobi 520...
    360 x 525mm

  • MO 65; Lithium 26; Fuji 65...
    525 x 700mm

  • SM 72/74; Lithium 28/29; Shino 75
    525 x 750mm

  • SM 102; Lithium 40; Mitsubishi 102...
    750 x 1050mm

MAT ​available in rolls 

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