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Back Pressure Plates

Counter-pressure plates comply with manufacturers' standards for both steel hardness and dimensions.


All typos models are delivered with a PVC tension canvas.

Offset & Typo Back Pressure Plates

A very comprehensive range for offset and letterpress presses: polyester, brass, stainless steel or high-strength steel.
Our stainless steel plates have a hardness to manufacturer standards with thicknesses of 30/100, 40/100, 50/100, 60/100, 80/100, 200/100 and even 300/100.

Heidelberg cylinder letterpress plates are all delivered with reinforced tension cloth. Particularly careful packaging.


Available for presses:


HAS- Albert Franckenthal​

D- ATF-Davidson​

F- Fuji Shinohara​

H- Hamada, Hashimoto, Heidelberg, Horauf​​

J- Johannisberg​

K- Koenig & Bauer, Komori​

M- Manroland​


R- Rotaprint, Ryobi​

S- Sakurai​


Your custom back pressure plate in:

Dimension ? Thickness ? Matter ?

​ We make it for you. Consult us for more information.

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