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Jackets for Transfer and Output Cylinders

Gamme complète d'habillages avec attaches pour vos cylindres de transfert et sortie.

Blue Glass Jacket, Orange Glass Jacket silicone & Metal Glass Jacket.

MAT Glass Jacket: “compressible micrograined sheet” 


An ideal and more economical alternative to micrograined steel sheets.

MAT Glass Jacket also advantageously replaces the SUPER BLUE® system.

Today's high quality printing, varnishing and use of UV inks in a highly competitive market demands the best and most effective protection of transfer and output cylinders.


General characteristics of the process:


Surface in glass beads, identical to the MAT, mounted on a compressible covering and made with the fixing system identical to the micrograined sheets or original SUPER BLUE® Transfer Kit (bar, pin, buckle).

The compressible cover absorbs any shocks without deforming or deteriorating.

The MAT Glass Jacket accepts jams! The micrograined steel sheet no.


MAT Blue and Orange Glass Jacket are available on Heidelberg presses:

  • MO65

  • GTO52

  • SM52


See below for mounting types:

  • SM72

  • SM74

  • SM102 before 1995 - SM102 after 1995


  • SM72

  • SM74

  • SM102 before 1995 - SM102 after 1995

Metal Glass Jacket: micrograined sheet metal


This steel jacket has a high quality micrograin coating.

Ideal for varnish group transfer cylinders.

Easily cleanable with water and blanket cleaner.

Metal Glass Jacket

Available only on Heidelberg presses:


  • SM102 - S8.215.201.N

  • SM74 - M2.215.105.N

  • SM52 - G2.215.105.N

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